El londiense Charles Freeman presenta su primer show en Argentina

Fran Vidal
Escrito por Fran Vidal

En su gira de promoción por Sudamérica el artista de Londres visitará, por primera vez, Argentina y se presentará el sábado 30 de noviembre en Buenos Aires como artista estelar del espectáculo de Coral Campopiano.

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Wanna raise a glass to the tune ‘Get Me Started’ and everyone behind it. I said to the band – you know much i adore ‘Miss You’ by The Stones (their disco tinged classic from ‘Some Girls in ‘78 which was their stab (damn fine stab ) at a groovy, dance along song at the height of the disco period) . Normally I present songs on my acoustic for the band to improve, embellish or simply say ‘dude, that one is shit. Ditch it’ . In this instance, they created the groove seemingly out of thin air in a freezing cold studio in Wales. The melody and the lyrics came to me pretty easily 🙏. Before the Ibiza Remix and assosciated Video come out, here’s the original band version … . 180,000 Spotify streams for this tune (our most popular yet) and 540,000 for the tunes in general. Grateful, chuffed, proud and so damn happy I finally found the authenticity in my music and its just great to see it connect with people. Now bring on the world tour and let’s get the tunes, the love and the REAL connection right on out there ! Thank you thank you thank you . Crank it up !! 🤘xxx @freemanrocknroll @jbjrecording @stevewattisdrums @conormangan @alitilldersley @themrpalma @ciaralyons . . . . . #music #musician #musicians #band #bands #friday #weekend #fun #joy #freedom #sing #song #love #free #guitar #vox #instamusic #goodtimes #rollingstones #musically #songwriter #songs #tunes #album #people #happy

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El show será en Santos Vega, ubicado en Niceto Vega 5924, Palermo.

Charles Freeman es un cantante y compositor londinense que viene a presentar su single “London Nights” del álbum “Love”.  Sus primeros cinco singles del álbum debut “Truth” han acaparado la radio de la BBC y han recibido excelentes críticas.

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ORIGINAL ROCK. 1. What’s your sound? A large helping of decadent 70’s rock n roll, a dollop of Britpop and a generous slice of Americana 2. What inspires your music? Truth. Love. Connection. Freedom. I love authentic music, the way it can deeply affect the soul. Move you. Create every emotion. Its powerful, its beautiful, its essential. Life is Music. Music is Life. 3. Who are your influences? I especially love artists who write and perform their own material with passion, heart and a sense of fun ! Impassioned vocals, great songs, artists who clearly live for the music. Bob Marley, Jeff Buckley, The Stones, Dylan, Violent Femmes, Counting Crows to name but a few 4. What’s next? World Tour ! 12 countries in 12 months ! We will record album three ‘FREEDOM’ as we go, infusing local flavours and sounds. Album 2 ‘LOVE’ comes out this September 5. How do we find you on Social Media? Thanks. @freemanrocknroll. Instagram is the best place to follow ! ROCK ON. F x . . . . . #music #musician #musicians #band #bands #friday #weekend #fun #joy #freedom #sing #song #love #free #guitar #vox #instamusic #goodtimes #rollingstones #musically #songwriter #songs #tunes #album #people #happy

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Freeman además es actor, y a mediados del 2017 tuvo un papel protagónico en la película Chinatown Cannon (Netflix) y luego protagonizó papeles en los cortometrajes Defector y A Friend in Need.

Reservas: 011-1559548765.

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Fran Vidal

Fran Vidal

Licenciado en Comunicación Social.
Graduado de la Universidad Nacional de San Luis.
Periodista de Espectáculos y Director periodístico de www.franvidalespectaculos.com.

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